CIF Semi-Finals

Hello ladies and gents. If you’re looking for information regarding Mira Costa’s triumph over Diamond Bar, sadly, you will find naught here. However, we pulled a true Rocky Balboa. For those unfamiliar with this charming tale, I will dispel the confusion you likely have. You see, Rocky Balboa was but a poor Philadelphia southpaw boxer, living off measly wages from unsatisfying fights, but he had the heart. When heavy-weight champion Apollo Creed challenged Balboa, assuming it would be a harmless publicity stunt, Balboa trained in an epic montage, finding his ‘eye of the tiger.’ Knowing he was facing off with the best boxer in the world, Balboa’s only goal was to pull it through to the end, to say that he lasted fifteen rounds with the heavyweight champ. In the end, though he didn’t win the match, he accomplished the near impossible task that he had set out to do, making an objective loss his own victory. In much the same light, Mira Costa set out in this unforgettable match to obtain as many points as they could against the elusive Diamond Bar, and though we didn’t win the match, we found ourselves taking 8 points away from those mongrels, in a show of perseverance, focus, and faith. Five of these points were from star duo Sam S. and Lulu Y., in summation. Three of these points were from not-so-star-but-still-great duo Eric M. and Scarlett L. For this, we thank the heavens.

CIF Quarter-Finals

Tuesday, May 2, was a victorious day for the Mustangs, smashing their Arcadia High School opponents in a 13-8 finish. Playing men’s singles were senior Sam S. and rising freshman Eric M., who, in an ethereal display of unbridled beauty, put their opponents in unforgivable shame. In women’s doubles, Audrey M. and Audrey K.–a duo better known as Audrey squared–showed the sport of badminton a new definition of perfection, showering their weaker Arcadia victims with a holy hail of shuttlecocks. Incidentally, this event occurred on their own courts, exemplifying the god-like strength of Mira Costa’s pure power.

First Match of CIF!

Our high school season has come to an end and CIF matches are here! Up first, we played Westminster at home on May 1. Starting off and ending strong, we swept the match, winning 21 to 0. Everyone played well and this game was good preparation for our next match against Arcadia on Tuesday.

Cerritos Tournament

During the latter weekend of Spring Break, the Costa players played the Cerritos tournament as well. Some of our players were still out on vacation, so JV players Christina Chong and Jennifer Miao and Quint Barranco and Dillon Kanai stepped up and played doubles to fill in some gaps. In boys singles, Eric Mei dominated the event and beat Long Beach Poly’s Andrei Pedernal in a difficult final game to bring home the gold.

Azusa Tournament

Over the first weekend of Spring Break, a few Costa players traveled to the Azusa tournament to compete. With many of our players out on vacation, lots of our players had the opportunity to play in events they usually didn’t play in. Quint Barranco and Lena Nagy played mixed and Alisa Chen played singles. Additionally, Moose Cohn and Audrey Kim won mixed doubles consolation finals.

Costa vs Cerritos

On April 4, Costa played a tough match against Cerritos, a strong opponent. Although the team played well, they fell short by one game and lost 10-11. With strong competition in all events, in singles Senior Sam Schwartz and Freshman Eric Mei pulled through with 4 wins, and Sophomore Lulu Yu and Junior Scarlett Luo with 2 wins. Then in mixed doubles Costa won 3 games, and to finish off our ten games, we gained another win in boy’s doubles by Sophomore Moose Cohn and Junior Henry Yu.